Loukoumi's Dream Day

The Loukoumi Make A Difference Foundation also makes kids career dreams come true. Based on our book, Growing Up With Loukoumi, our Dream Day contest gives kids the opportunity to spend a day in their dream day careers.


Melina wants to open a restaurant for people that cannot afford to go to a restaurant and so she got to visit Jon Bon Jovi's JBJ Soul Kitchen and hang out with the rock star himself!
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Sam wants to be an Olympic swimmer and he lived his dream day with the coach of the Men's Olympic Swim team.

Taylor and Annie want to be ballerinas. The girls visited the American Ballet Theater and met their idol Misty Copeland, who was so gracious! They watched a rehearsal, attended a class, had a tour of ABT and an overall amazing day!
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Nicole wants to be a journalist and she got an up close and personal look at life as television journalist when she spent a day at the Yahoo Finance studio in New York City with anchor Alexis Christoforous.
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Panagioti wanted to be a storm chaser and a meteorologist and he spent the day in the FOX-5 weather center with meteorologist Nick Gregory
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Jordan wants to be a football player and he lived his Loukoumi Dream Day by visiting NY Giants training camp. Jordan met with and received football advice from MVP quarterback Eli Manning (whose great Lace Cookie recipe appears in our Loukoumi Celebrity Cookbook), Odell Beckham Jr., Devin Unga, Weston Richberg, Perry Williams, Odell Beckham Sr., and many others!
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Sophia wants to be a Broadway star and she got to meet Tony nominated actor Constantine Maroulis in Times Square, tour the Helen Hayes Theatre and then sing
"Don't Stop Believin'" with Constantine from the Rock of Ages stage.

Evan Akes wants to be an NYPD police officer. Evan's dream was to spend the day with the K-9 unit, which he did along with riding in a patrol car and a police boat!

Special thanks to Lieutenant Peter Hatzoglou and the NYPD for this very special day!

Sophie wants to be a Mars Rover Engineer and she got to sit inside NASA's mission control and watch the Phoenix spaceship land on Mars!!

Lionel wants to be a soccer star and he got to play soccer with New York's professional soccer team, the Red Bulls!

Nika wants to be a TV chef and she got to cook on CBS News with Tony Tantillo and meet Rachael Ray on the set of her hit show

Grace also wants to be a chef and she got to cook her favorite recipes with Celebrity Chef Cat Cora from Cat's Restaurant on the BoardWalk in Walt Disney World

Sylvia wants to be an actress and she got to meet her favorite actress, Nathalia Ramos, at Lincoln Center where they discussed acting tips.

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