By 75 Kids Who Changed Their Worlds
Get ready to be inspired by these extraordinary kids

Hardcover Limited Edition | Price: $19.95 |

Inspiring Stories includes heartwarming essays from children around the globe:

The Reda brothers lost their father on 9/11. Thanks to the support of their mentor from the organization Tuesday’s Children, they have learned the importance of paying it forward.

Alivia was introduced to Loukoumi when she was a year old at an event at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Now 11 years old, her cancer is in remission and she enjoys fundraising to give back to the Hospital that saved her life.

Katia wanted to help the global water crisis, and so through her Thirst Project, she has raised over $30,000 to help build clean water wells in Africa—and in fact built one herself.

When Adrianna was in foster care, she recalls how lonely it was waiting for your “Forever Family,” and so she has now created and distributed over 300 rainbow-colored ponies to other kids in foster care to let them know that they are not alone.

Darren will never forget the day when a homeless person came to his family’s restaurant asking for food. Months later, when he saw the same homeless man on the streets of New York, he convinced his parents to offer this man a job, helping to rehabilitate his life.

The book also contains a collection of essays by over 20 students at Gander Elementary School—the town where COME FROM AWAY is set.

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