October 19

FIRST STOP - Pentecostal Church (9-10)
Students will assist with the furniture ministry. Clean up storage facility and assist with furniture clean up. Presentation by Church Pastor on their role during 9-11.

SECOND STOP - Gander Academy & Gander Legion (10-11)
Students will visit the mural at the school that was donated by 9-11 passengers who stayed there during 9-11.

THIRD STOP - SPCA Animal Shelter (11-12)
=Students will donate animal supplies to the shelter and a presentation by the SPCA manager on their role during 9-11.

FOURTH STOP - Pentecostal Church Lunch (12-1 p.m)

FIFTH STOP - Town Hall (1p.m.)
Meet with council members and write letters to the major and town councillors thanking them for all the wonderful work they do for our beautiful town.

SIXTH STOP - Appleton - Peace Park Visit (2 p.m.)
Visit town of Appleton and meet with families who accommodated passengers during 9-11. Park clean up and plant flowers

SEVENTH STOP - Gander International Airport (3:15 p.m)
Greet passenger at the arrival gate. Give out cards to welcome them to Gander.

EIGHT STOP - Salvation Army Family Services (3:45 p.m)
Present a donation of non-perishable food items to the food bank.

FINAL STOP. BBQ - Gander Elementary @ 4 p.m.


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